Why Us?

Are you getting married in the beautiful pearl island, Penang? Who will be your wedding photographer?

To us, wedding photography isn’t something that you paid for and forget about it after your big day is over. It will be with you for the rest of your life, bringing you and your family endless joy, remembering those moments and special people who made your wedding occasion extraordinary 50 years down the road. It is a legacy, keeping sure that the romance and magic of your wedding day is preserved forever.
And that is what My Love Momentz photography team ensures you of. We follow our guts and hearts throughout the day to craft the stories as they unfold in the most beautiful way possible. Nothing excite us more than that!


1) We capture the complete story, from start to finish

4hours coverage? 6 hours coverage? 8 hours coverage? Or how about 10hours coverage? These are some of the common wedding photography duration you have seen around. Try asking yourself this, should the memories of your most important day be capped? We believe in a different philosophy, the one that says all the moments of your wedding day deserve to be remembered. We will be there from the start to the end, capturing the complete story of your wedding day. This easily last for 14-16hours and this is what we are committed to when you engage us as your wedding photographer.
We will be with you from you getting ready until your wedding reception. We do not charge extra hours nor do we force you to choose between paying for extra hours OR sacrificing your memories. You may asked what is included, maybe I should briefly describe what you will be getting when we say from Start to finish.

a) Bride getting Ready
Getting ready is a big part of your wedding day and no wedding story is complete without it. As this stage, the bride will be very excited, nervous and even a little bit scared, knowing what lies ahead is the biggest event of your life. This is the time when you will hugged your parents for the last time as a single lady, the time when all your best friends and bridesmaids stand by to give you the encouragement you needed and help you to make the gate crashing ceremony a success. This is the time when you will look at your very best. This is the time when we will capture some candid moments of your preparation, some details of your hand bouquet, ring, shoe, dress and some of the most beautiful portrait of you in your wedding dress you have ever seen of yourself in this very important moment of your life.

b) Groom getting Ready
Limiting the coverage time usually means having to sacrifice some stages of your wedding. And this is the reason why our wedding day photography package usually comes with 2 photographers which will enable coverage for both Bride and Groom Preparation. Some people might say, Groom preparation is not important. That is certainly not true. Groom getting ready is the one part pf the wedding that the bride does not see on that day, and it is an essential part of the wedding day and we love to reveal to the Bride on the macho and silliness of her man and his mates get up to before the wedding. But what is more important is to show the Bride the care that the Groom takes to look at his best for his beautiful bride’s most important day of her life.

c) Gate crashing
This is the part when the Groom’s mates trying at their very best to make sure that the Groom successfully pass all the hurdles prepared by the Bridesmaids. This is the part where playing games, teasing and a lot of laughter and joy is captured. Games level rely of how creative the bridesmaids is.

d) Ceremony depends on race

e) Wedding reception
This is the part where you invite all your guest to a dinner as a celebration where you toast to all your wedding guests. Every of your guest will attend with their best looking evening gown and suits and taking photos with you. Everyone will be awesome and you will need an experience photography team to capture those beautiful photos in these challenging lighting condition.


2) We meet up with our client before their Wedding day

This is a part which we think is essential for us to understand your wedding details, arrangement and schedule. This is also the part where we will get to know each other before the actual wedding day so that we do not feel like a stranger on that day. We will provide our sharing based on our years of experience in wedding photography and make sure that your wedding goes smoothly.


3) What you see from our portfolio is what you will be getting

We take pride in delivering the best of the best, to every single wedding couple. That is our commitment to you and to ourselves. We do not fool you with stunning portfolio taken by other photographers. We will constantly update our portfolio with masterpiece taken from our latest wedding assignment.


4) We provide SDE Photomontage for FREE!!!

What is SDE photomontage?
SDE is short term of Same Day Edit. We offer SDE photomontage for your wedding reception, our exceptional editing and turnaround abilities allow us to produce a series of highlights from your special day and present these in a beautiful photomontage video to your guests during the wedding reception at night. We guarantee to cause laughter and joy as these provide a sneak peek into each other’s life in the morning, all the silliness, all the emotions, all the fun that your guests at the wedding reception don’t see on that day. Now, our entire actual wedding day photography package includes this, for FREE! Yes, you are not dreaming, it is for FREE! We love making it and we love seeing all your wedding reception guests loving it!

You can view our SDE Photomontage here


5) No Hidden Charges

We are a team of professional wedding photographers, not a professional salesman. Our expertise is in photography specialist and not posts wedding sales that promises the sky to you. When you pick your wedding photographer, it is important to make sure that is included in the price you are paying and what is not. We do not surprise you with additional bill such as travel cost or high resolution photos, that you might not have any idea how high when we mentioned high resolution. By engaging us as your wedding photographer, you can be rest assured that you will:
– Received all the items listed in the quotation, written in black and white.
– Never to be forced to buy albums or print through My Love Momentz
– Never to be asked to pay extra $$$ beyond our agreed finalized quotation
– Never to be asked to pay for extra hours as our coverage is unlimited hours on your wedding DAY.


So what are you waiting for? PM or email us now!

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